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Top 10 Tips for Brides Getting to their Wedding

On the day of your wedding, you’re going to have a hundred things running through your mind. It’s normal to panic! But no need to threat, because Allenby Cars are here to take away some of that weight off your shoulders. Not only do we chauffeur you in beautiful vehicles, vintage or modern, but we also pride ourselves on the support we bring to every event, advising and aiding all of customers to our very best ability.

Our Top 10 Tips for Brides Getting to their Wedding

Keep reading to find some pointers that could save you from stress on your big day:

  1. Umbrella, you can never rely on british weather!
  2. Sunglasses, it could be raining, sunny or both!
  3. Comfortable shoes, when it comes to travel, comfort is a priority!
  4. Mobile phone for capturing every moment of your special day, and especially the outstanding vehicle you will be transported in! and you also might want to bring a portable charger as a backup plan.
  5. Tissues, these moments can be emotional!
  6. Something to drink, you need to stay hydrated, whether it’s alcoholic or not!
  7. Plan out your route in advance! Bare in mind traffic and times of the day, and whether you would like to detour or get to the venue asap!
  8. Plan who you are travelling with in advance to avoid last minute seating arguments! “No, I want to sit at the back!”
  9. Don’t panic! Allenby Cars has years of expertise on how to make your day as stress free as possible and will try to take the weight off your shoulders as much as possible.
  10. Enjoy every minute! You don’t get to get married everyday. Live in the moment, from waking up in the morning to your last dance, every second should be savoured.