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Getting Married In Portsmouth?

Getting Married in Portsmouth? The beautiful city of Portsmouth, located on the south coast of England, is home to many historic monuments and holds many historic values. We have compiled a list of the top five most popular wedding venues in Portsmouth for couples wishing to tie the knot.

Southsea Castle

Appreciate panoramic views across the Isle of white and Solent from Southsea Castle? Southsea Castle was one in a series of forts constructed in Great Haste, for King Henry VIII, during 1544. Fears of a French invasion of Portsmouth drove Henry VIII’s decision. During the Battle of the Solent, Henry VIII sought refuge in Southsea Castle. However, during his stay, he later watched his much-loved flagship, the Mary Rose, sink in battle. Today, Southsea Castle is a major visitor destination, complete with a store, high-quality restaurants, and a popular microbrewery. Southsea Castle also hosts events, such as Weddings and ceremonies.

You can choose one area for your ceremony, or you could opt for their premium option. Which consists of exclusive use of the castle for the entire duration of your celebration; including the keep, ramparts and ground-floor marquee. The castle is adequately outfitted with a marquee to keep partygoers warm and dry. For those who are a little less fortunate with the weather. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to have clear skies and sunshine on your wedding day, you can experience panoramic views of Portsmouth, the Solent, and the Isle of Wight from the ramparts.

For those who are a little less fortunate with the weather. Worry Not. The castle is adequately outfitted with a marquee to keep partygoers warm and dry.

The Queens Hotel

The Queens Hotel, originally known as Southsea House, was constructed by architect, Augustus Livesay in 1861. This undoubtedly spectacular traditional English charm venue offers panoramic views of Portsmouth Spinnaker tower. These can be witnessed from the hotel bars and garden. Not only is the iconic Spinkker tower visible from this venue, but it also offers views across one of the world’s busiest shipping channels; The Solent, as well as views of the Isle of Wight. The Queens Hotel is undergoing extensive renovations to regain its previous magnificence. So far, a whopping £4.4 million has been spent on renovating the bedrooms, remodelling the Duke’s Bar and Restaurant, and building a business suite with exclusive access to the garden.


Square Tower

In Old Portsmouth, the Square Tower is located at the intersection of High Street and Broad Street. This certainly magnificent mediaeval structure, constructed during Henry VII’s reign in 1494, overlooks the Solent. The square tower has two levels for wedding ceremonies: an upper and a lower level. The lower hall can hold up to 100 guests, whereas their lower hall can seat 80 guests – perfect for an intimate celebration! This unique site provides a 2-hour exclusive period following your ceremony to enjoy the tower, the tower’s roof terrace, and the breathtaking views of the Solent. Making it an ideal wedding venue for those thinking about getting married in Portsmouth. The spectacular surroundings of the square tower include Hotwalls beach, Camber docks, and mediaeval cobbled streets.

Beauford convertible outside Sqaure tower in Portsmouth

Fort Nelson

Why not opt for a quirky and one-of-a-kind venue for your special day? Fort Nelson‘s distinctive corporate venue is rich with old Victorian characteristics and heritage. Fort Nelson consists of a vast ring of brick, masonry and earth forts constructed to discourage an attempted invasion of Portsmouth, by a foreign power. Fort Nelson holds a civil licence, which permits weddings and civil partnership ceremonies to take place on its grounds.  Travel back in time and explore their historic cannons, vast parade field, underground tunnels, old fortifications, spectacular panoramic views, and intriguing collection of big guns. Fort Nelson provides a wide range of cuisines ranging from buffets and afternoon teas to a more formal dining experience. Their food and beverage packages may be adjusted to suit all preferences and budgets.

branford lauderlette at fortnelson portsmouth

Portsmouth Registry Office

Lastly, we have; the Portsmouth Registry office. The registry office is located at Milldam House, Lastly, we have; Burnaby road just on the outskirts of Portsmouth’s city centre. All legal aspects of all marriages and civil partnerships in Portsmouth are administered by the Portsmouth Register Office. It is also a licenced ceremony venue. The Milldam House ceremony room can accommodate 45 people.

Getting married at Portsmouth registry office

To conclude, the environment must be magnificent in every aspect, as it is here, where memories will be created. Your wedding site will be remembered as the location where you and your spouse tied the knot. Therefore, choosing a lovely wedding venue is crucial for a memorable, stress-free occasion. If you have a venue in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange our services for you on your big day.

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